Hookah, Vaporizer and E-cig Reviews

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What is Hookah Pen?

It is possible that you have heard about the trendy new act of “smoking” hookah pens and maybe you would like to find out more about what this product is and how it is used.

What is Hookah Pen?

Hookah pens are essentially expendable electronic vaporizer e-cigarettes that contain a liquid which is typically fruit flavored and provides between 500 to 600 puffs. No chemical or tar is produced by hookah pens and the inhaled “smoke” is actually water vapors.

A number of hookah pens have a small amount of added nicotine, approximately 12 to 16 milliliters; however, by itself, nicotine is pretty harmless, there is even contents of nicotine in foods like tomatoes. The majority of hookah pens are free of nicotine and you can find out by asking or checking the label.

How Do Hookah Pens Work?

The hookah pen is ready to go as soon as it is acquired. Simply put the tip between the lips, press the button and slowly inhale. This will automatically heat up the liquid in the hookah and transform it into vapor, so that vapors are inhaled instead of smoke.

There are some hookah pens that do not have a button; for those, slowly draw on the tip similar to a drinking straw and allow the pen to heat up and begin the process of vaporizing the fluid. When this is done, the desired amount of smoke can be produced based on how hard you draw.

You will get approximately 600 puffs and when the hookah pen stops lighting up, this will be an indication that it is out. Disposable hookah pens cannot be refilled and should be tossed when they go out.

Hookah pens easily fit in any pocket as well. A number of great fruit flavors are available and typically pens can last for as much as 600 puffs.